Redirect Site Https

There are plenty of times I want to require users to be accessing a site only via SSL.

Remove Node Search

Quickly one. Today I was tasked to remove node from search results on our side.

Change Just One Page Css Params

Uh, just received request to change just for one page CSS elements (like h1, h2,…).

What is worst

Every developer should have blog. One without blog is bad developer.

I do not understand Bing

As I want to add my new site to all search engines I started with google and Bing.

Drupal 7 and mongoDB

Few weeks ago I did presentation about integration between Drupal 7 and mongoDB on DrupalCamp Vancouver 2012.


Just received email that finished with kthxbye Little research and found __http://www.

How to setup proxy ignore list on ubuntu

Where to set proxy ignore list? I found a hint to the solution in Ubuntu Forums, where a user sent a link to Gnome Developer Center explaining the configuration for Gnome Shell.

Drupal Update Status (with proxy server between site and

If you work in environment where between your browser/computer and Internet is some proxy server possible you will be unable to access Drupal updates site (http://updates.

Date/Time functions and PHP 5.3

In case that you move your web site from PHP 5.