Hello I'm Back

Sat, May 30, 2020 1-minute read

It was a long, long time since my last post.

It looks like six years in total. Possibly even longer. Well, during that time I was contemplating how to restart blogging and I was changing technologies a lot.

Anyone can see, a long time ago I was with Drupal. It is a good tool, and from my perspective best CMS system around but somehow I had a feeling it was becoming “little obsolete”. Writing articles with it was ok, but adding code involved a lot of mixing backend with frontend development (and I'm strict on backend side). In the end, a change occurred.

During all of this years I was involved less and less with Drupal (I think I stopped a few years ago), and more and more with the node.js, mongoDB, AWS, architecture, AI, etc.

Also, it took me a long time to move to the new platform (Hugo) and new hosting provider (if we can call it that way) –> AWS.

So before anything, this is what I will talk about for some time. See you soon.