About me

Highly qualified software architect, analyst and developer with more than twenty years of experience in web, commercial and scientific applications software development. Dynamic mentor and leader with proven skills. Excels in vision, team leadership, architecture, and software development. Exceptionally strong sense of aesthetics, software capabilities, high attention to details. Strong analytical experience includes discovery, data analysis, forecasting, and testing. Science background provides unique perspective when analyzing data and business needs.

  • Constantly in track with new technologies and trends.
  • Active participant in local open-source community by sharing knowledge and participating code sprints.

Some of my recent public lectures and presentation: Internal in-office presentations

  • What is and how to use “AWS Serverless Application Model”
  • Using Kinesis Analytics & ML for detecting anomalies in data streams
  • Using hapi.js for backend development
  • Using Keystone.js as node.js based CMS system
  • How to create “smart-home” and utilize IoT at home & office
  • How to integrate and use AI & IoT with Amazon Lex
  • Using Amazon Lex for home automation
  • MongoDb and NoSQL database solutions

Vancouver Drupal Group - April, 2015

  • Headless Drupal

Vancouver Drupal Group - January, 2014

  • Node.js for Drupal

Pacific North-West Drupal Summit – October, 2013

  • Load Test Drupal site using Apache jMeter and Amazon AWS

Surrey Drupal Group – June, 2013

Vancouver Drupal Group – April, 2013

Drupal Camp Vancouver – June, 2012