Hello I'm Back

It was a long, long time since my last post.

Node.JS & MongoDB

YEAH, I finished my node.js with mongoDB course: M101JS: MongoDB for Node.

Load Test Drupal Site Using Apache JMeter and Amazon AWS

My presentation for Pacific NorthWest Drupal Summit 2013 about how performance, load, and stress test Drupal site:

Pacific NorthWest Drupal Summit

My session has been accepted for Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013.

Image looks washed upon resizing

For one content type we noticed that images after resizing look washed out.

Problems with Netbeans and OpenJDK

My Netbeans installation on Ubuntu development machine stopped working few days ago.

Improving Drupal Performances

My presentation for Surrey Drupal Group about how to improve Drupal site performance:

Scaling Drupal horizontally and in the Cloud - Vancouver Drupal group presentation

Yesterday in Vancouver Drupal Group I was presenting topic: “Scaling Drupal Horizontally and in the Cloud”.

Another Useful Linux Command - Find Files Changed in Last Few Days

From time to time I need to find or track files in folder and sub-folders changed in a last few days, and command bellow do job easy and fast.

Option 2: Multiple servers connecting to the multiple DB's

So this option is many aspects similar to the default one, with one big difference.